Housewife in Dubai

‘Look at this!’ ranted DH one morning.

‘What is it?’ I squinted.

‘Someone left this on my car again. That’s the second time this week. Yours has one too.’

I took the small white business card he was holding out and examined it closely. It was not, as I’d suspected, a calling card for a local rug merchant, or a garden well-drilling company.

It said ‘We buy your car for scrap’.


Now, both our cars are old – well into their second decade. And yes, after years of camping/beach expeditions, kids and dogs, the exteriors (and interiors) have seen better days. But scrap?

‘Well, you know what people in Dubai are like,’ I jollied, trying to laugh it off. ‘And it’s a buyer’s market for new cars right now. Don’t take it personally.’

But DH did. In fact, that very day he decided he was going to patch up…

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