Housewife in Dubai

Dear Mr A. A. Gill,

I’m writing to you regarding your article on Dubai (published in April’s edition of Vanity Fair

On behalf of the many ordinary housewives and families living here, I’d like to point out that we were a demographic most poorly represented in your story (we weren’t even mentioned at all). So, I’d like to offer a few comments which might be of use to you for future articles on Dubai, should you ever be allowed back into the country.

You state quite wrongly that western expats are, ‘parasites and sycophants for cash,’ who are, ‘young, single, greedy, and insincere. None of them are very clever…. they live lives that revolve around drink and porn sex and pool parties and barbecues with a lot of hysterical laughing and theme nights, karaoke, and slobbery, regretful coupling.… these expats on the short-term make don’t expect…

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