Housewife in Dubai

Recently, the Daily Mail, (which is obsessed by celeb mums, their bumps, their post-baby bods and their sprogs at posh prep schools) ran an entire feature on the fashions donned by Elle Macpherson on the school run.

And why not? You might say. After all, to most people, Elle looks pretty damn good. She’s long, lean and leggy, with lots of tousled dirty blonde hair, and she has a supermodel wardrobe to match. In short, she ticks all the right glamour boxes.

However, I reckon even Elle, with her catwalk swish and tush, would find herself feeling a little outclassed if her children attended one of the more ‘posh’ schools in Dubai. And the reason for this is that Dubai seems to attract a different breed of mother altogether.

The Dubai mother is a woman, who, when not attired in unforgiving gym lycra and still giving 16-year-olds a…

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