About me

When you decide to live in another country for a while, there are a whole load of things you have to get used to.

Despite what the Daily Mail would have you believe, living in Dubai is not all about sand, sex, cocktail parties, moans about the maid, wags, footballers and champagne at wine o’clock. Lots of normal people live in this crazy, glitzy, controversial city too.

Although, I still believe there is nothing as satisfying as the Dubai pedicure – a treatment that is second to none.

I hope you enjoy the blogs


13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Great! This writing is electric. I could’nt stop laughing. Keep it coming. This is Catherine Alliot out of George Elliot.

  2. Hi, I love your blog, keep it going! One thing though: IVF is one of the most grueling, time and energy consuming things one can ever go through and I thought mentioning it as an ‘easy’ way for a busy Career mum to get pregnant is …. well…. a bit painful for the people actually having to revert to IVF

  3. Hi,

    Read all your blogs today, would love to read more because you say the with a twist of wit. Keep the good blogs coming.

    Budding fan.

  4. I love this very entertaining blog. So refreshing to see Dubai’s inhabitants written about with a ‘down to earth’ perspective. Keep the fun coming!

  5. you have great writing skills – thanks so much for putting a smile on my face and educating people on the Dubai perspective!

  6. Agree! I’m an expat from birth – in fact, born and raised in Dubai of South American descent. I live in the UK now, via Spain and soon heading to Aus (by next year). And in all the countries I’ve ever lived (including UK, Canada, Argentina, and Spain) and all the countries I’ve traveled in (ironically, including the Philippines.. only Dubaians will get that one), the best pedicures I’ve ever had were those in Dubai. What is their secret?! My parents still live out there and whenever I go visit (like, ever 3-4 months!) I get me one of those amazing manicures and pedicures.

    • Thanks for your input Alma 🙂 I sometimes ‘treat’ myself to a pedicure when I’m back home in the UK – and I always end up disappointed – poor service. surly therapists and a result that lasts less than a week. Long live the Dubai pedicure!

  7. Just discovered your blog today. Luvin’ it. I will be a Dubai housewife very soon, too, and I’m grateful that you have shared your Dubai experiences as one. Thank you for keeping it real. More power to you! 🙂

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